Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The future is in Service oriented Industries

The Finnish Building sector employeed over 4 000 more people compared with the previous year 2013.

Nevertheless, building and construction is not growing very much in Finland, but it's still employing a lot of people. Automation and Robotization is not going to hit this sector who relies on manual labor.

As the picture from Poland shows, wood as a building material is not only a Nordic thing. This fantastic log-house incorporates a hotel, restaurant and conference rooms.

In Finland, the need for new employees is strongest in renovation and seems to continue on a healthy level even in the future. New legislation is going to boost the growth of wood-based buildings.

Modern wood-based building materials (CLT = Cross Laminate Timber) are also showing a healthy growth. The wooden windows manufacturer Skaala started a new factory in Russia this spring.