Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ligna 2015 in retrospect

The prospects of large, new sawmills built as green-field projects will be an exception in the near future. Sawmill technology providers are focusing on:
  • technology updates
  • modernization of plants
  • capacity improvements
  • replacement investments
More often there will be a need for innovative solutions for optimising existing systems and increasing operational efficiency, and for IoT (Internet of Things) boosted technical support and maintenance.

The cost of the raw material is high and it's of vital importance to make more value out of wood.Our clients are not satisfied with "business as usual", it's of vital importance to come up with innovations, inventions and productivity enhancement tools to improve the productivity and profitability of the wood working value chain.

In a time of limited investments, Nordautomation has been doing remarkably well. But we've to look at the wood working world with open eyes and adapt to the changing needs of our customers.

There's a latent potential for productivity improvements at medium-sized sawmills. New potential has to be found in the BRIC countries.

We're looking forward to a very challenging future.