Thursday, January 29, 2015

Moelven in Norway is the leading Sawngoods producer

OSTLENDNINGEN Reports January 29, 2015 that the good times are returning to the mechanical woods industry. Moelven, the leading Norwegian sawn timber producer, is heading forward with high capacity usage and Anders Lundh is predicting a price increase for timber 2015.

Moelven is a long-term customer for Nordautomation.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nordautomation received an order from Viitasaari

 ER-Saha Oy, a saw mill in Viitasaari, is going to realise a big investment this year. 

Nordautomation Oy got a significant order, which includes delivery of saw intake and by-product handling equipment (saw dust, chip and bark). 

The value of the order is over 3 million euros and the delivery schedule is very tight.  According to the contract the plant should be in production as soon as the summer of 2015. 

Friday, 20th March 2015
 ER-Saha Oy is a family business which has always been characterized by a spirit of friendly partnership. The path between production, sales and the custo­mer is straight and uncomplicated. Close coopera­tion allows the company to serve its customers most effectively. And when service takes on a human face, dealing with matters of whatever sort is easy.

Extensive cooperation has also provided the basis for fruitful product development. Thanks to longstanding relationships as a supplier, ER-Saha has been constantly able to develop product solutions better suited to the needs of end users.

Nowadays highly advanced automation takes care of the production process, guiding the logs auto­matically through the chipping canter and bandsaw units. Each log can be sawn indivi­dually and in an optimal manner to meet end requirements.

Thanks to flexible production arrangements ER-Saha can produce a variety of different grades and lengths according to the customer's wishes, including small batches. The sawn timber is graded in green and dried in line with end product requirements. Timber can be further refined by means of mecha­nical stress grading, for instance, for which purpo­se ER-Saha has implemented an ISO 9003 quality system.