Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nordautomation Delivers Loghandling to UPM Kymmene Pori

According to Woodnet.Se, The UPM Kymmene Sawmill at Seikku, (Pori) Finland, has granted Nordautomation an order for a high-capacity loghandling system with 80 pockets to be delivered with a very tight schedule.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Sawmills are investing again

NTT Woodnet.Se  indicates December 19, 2014 that Sawmills are investing again. This means good news for Nordautomation as well. There are big orders in the pipeline... and the company is hiring people.

Nordautomation received a large order from Pori

Seikku sawmill in Pori, which is part of UPM-Kymmene, is making a big investment in their log sorting next year and has placed an order for a high-capacity log sorting facility with Nordautomation Oy. 

Seikku Sawmill is located in Pori, in the west coast of Finland, some 240 km from Helsinki and has a production capacity of 380 000 m3 / year. 

UPM Timber manufactures top-class sawn pine and spruce timber for the construction and joinery industries. The product range covers both standard and special sawn timber suitable for construction and industrial end uses.

UPM sawn goods originate solely from sustainable sources. UPM sawmills in Finland have the PEFC (PEFC/02-34-05) and FSC Chain of Custody (DNV-COC/CW-000275) certifications. All sawn timber produced by UPM Timber can be sold either as PEFC and/or FSC Controlled Wood or FSC MIX. 

UPM Timber operates four sawmills in Finland. The annual production capacity is 1.5 million cubic metres of sawn timber. Timber business is part of UPM Biorefining business area.