Friday, September 6, 2013

Careful preparation of offers

Careful preparation of offers is also part of our quality. We do the quotations as “transparent” as possible, whereupon their detailed contents and price effects easily can be looked out. In our solutions we favour technical solutions, which burden the environment as little as possible.

Positive Attitude to Problem Solving

Too little is spoken of the quality of the operations. In our company it starts out with our personnel, its positive attitudes and its ability to flexible operations, which are supported by appropriate, continuous training.

Self-supporting construction and production assure that we immediately can meet with our customers’ needs.

Beside the efficiency and productivity we emphasize the meaning of reliability and responsibility.

The network of lasting, qualitative companions, which we thanks to our operations and experience have been able to build up, has an important position.

The Key to Productivity

- Even the most effective process produces only when it is working. This simple truth guides all phases of our operations. Our job is to improve the efficiency and result of our customers’ business. In this job we apply the principles of standard ISO 9001. Our guide line is to ensure the quality of the products and the whole operation, says Sales Director Keijo Lamminen.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wood and Bioenergy in Jyvaskyla 2013

Nordautomation participated at the Wood and Bioenergy Exhibition in Jyvaskyla, Finland, September 2013.